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About the Author

Joseph originally started as a ghostwriter for multiple New York Times bestsellers, Amazon bestsellers, USA Today bestsellers and even one Forbes lister. Now, he’s best known as the author of the urban fantasy series, Prison Breaker.

He’s been writing novels since he was eleven; it took him almost two decades, over a million “practice” words, and ten books before he mustered up the courage to publish his eleventh. He’s also written the Secret Seven series and the Horrendous Imaginings series–whose characters show up in Prison Breaker.

Joseph spends a good deal of his time working on his books at his house in Georgia where he is often distracted by Lupin–his English Golden Retriever–reminding him to take a break. When he isn’t writing, Joseph can be found giving into his dog’s entreaties to play, or reading anything by J.K. Rowling, Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch or Jim Butcher. He also has been spotted playing the occasional tabletop or video game in between listening to history podcasts and cello compositions. He’s spent years playing fingerstyle guitar and recently has gotten into oil-based clay sculpting. And, much like Leon, he’s a big fan of country music.

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There are currently 3 books out in the Prison Breaker series, with more released every two months. Check out the latest here.