The Firstest of Bloggings

I’ve never had much of a knack for blogging. It’s an art in its own right, and I’m always impressed when I see it done properly. In this case, proper or not, I’ll settle for seeing it done at all, as this is the first blog of my new website. Shiny, isn’t it? Kerem Beyit, the cover artist for my books, is to be thanked for that. As well as Ian Lammi, another artist who did the more cartoonish style you see on this page.BookillustrationColor

This first post is just the first step on a long, long trek, so I’ll save some for the following steps. The focus of today is to get the website up and running, and also to provide a status update for my coming novels.

Horrendous Imaginings 1: Theft of Sapphire is complete, and awaiting a copy edit prior to publication.

Horrendous Imaginings 2: is complete and awaiting copy edit, and I’m still waiting on the cover art.

Horrendous Imaginings 3: Cover art is paid for and pending. The first draft is half finished.

Anyway, I’m nervous and excited about the impending launch date of Theft of Sapphire. My manager and I are aiming for some time in March, but as he (the manager) is getting married, it may be postponed a bit.

In the mean time, if you’d like to find out more about me, click here. For more information on upcoming projects, click here. And if you know me through the 3d terrain I print and paint for tabletop gaming, click here.

Feel free to subscribe/follow on the sidebar to stay tuned for book updates and blog posts. Also here’s the obligatory plug for my Twitter and Instagram.




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