Update: Word count goals

Hey all,

So I’m still hard at work on the books, and I’ve also been enjoying my time over on r/writingprompts on reddit. It’s a fun community where you’re able to create writing prompts or write your own in response to other users. It’s reddit, so sometimes people can be a bit harsh, but overall there seem to be more encouraging and talented people than there are snide jerks. If you know me from instagram or my music, and are at all interested in writing, I would absolutely reccomend you check it out.

Today’s post is another short one. Once the books are edited, I promise to post here more often. But, as you’ll see in a moment, I’ve managed to maintain productivity for the duration of the month. Here’s my updated word count.

I’m extremely happy with the trajectory of my productivity. I almost hit 100,000 words for the month, which is one of the best months I’ve ever had. Now, however, I am focusing on editing as well, since that’s where the alchemy of turning crap into gold happens.

Word count update screenshot

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