About Joseph

Joseph is the author of the Horrendous Imaginings series, the Catastrophes of Columbus Ghould series, and the episodic novel Hoodwinked, which will soon be posted a chapter at a time on this site, and on his subreddit, r/josephdanielauthor.


Joseph has been writing novels since he was eleven; it took him almost two decades, over a million “practice” words, and ten books before he mustered up the courage to publish his eleventh.

Joseph spends a good deal of his time working on his books at his house in Illinois where he is often distracted by Lupin–his English Golden Retriever–reminding him to take a break, as depicted here. When he isn’t writing, Joseph can be found giving into his dog’s entreaties to play, or reading anything by Brandon Sanderson, Brandon Mull or Jim Butcher.  He also has been spotted playing the occasional tabletop or video game.